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About us



For many years, Conyngham Fire Company (now part of Valley Regional Fire & Rescue) provided protection for the residents of SugarloafTownship.  But, in January of 1946, approximately 50 township residents got together and formed the Sugarloaf Fire Company.  Their first order of business was to purchase a fire truck and the second was to purchase and install a siren on the Farmer’s Exchange building.  That building today is the Valley Lanes building.  Within just a few short months, the membership grew to over 100 members. 


For many years, the fire company was located at the old SugarloafTownship building, which was located just off of Route 93 on West County Road.  But, as the years past and the township grew, so did the needs of the fire company.  It got to a point that when the fire company needed a new truck, they needed to buy the truck based on the size of the garage bay it would fit into, not necessarily the size of the truck that was really needed. Many of the members dreamed of a new station, but felt they would never see it because of the expense of the land and the expense of putting up a building that they really needed.


But, in 2005, one of the members, Keith Hilliard, purchased the farm originally owned by the late Arthur Dick.  He offered to sell 3 acres of ground to the fire company at a very reasonable price and the fire company members started to realize that they might just see a new fire hall built in their lifetime.  The property was located at the intersection of West County Road and Turkey Path Road.  With the help of a county grant, the support of a local bank, the support of many of the Sugarloaf residents along with help of many of the fire company members, the new Sugarloaf Fire Company building became a reality.  The new building is almost 12,000 square feet, has 6 equipment bays, a storage room, a lounge, meeting room, 2 offices, a hall for fund raising, a kitchen, and bathroom facilities. 


In January of 2008, Valley Ambulance, which served the township and Conyngham borough for many years merged with Sugarloaf Fire Company.  This was done as a cost saving move so not only does the fire company provide fire and rescue services to their residents, but also medical services, as well. Our EMS coverage expanded as of January 2017 to include parts of Black Creek Twp along with Beaver Twp.


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